For Birders

Exciting Holiday for Birders

Here on the island of Langeland you in spring can observe the big flight of birds on their way to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Siberia. Millions of birds are passing the isle of Langeland each spring.

On the isle of Langeland great efforts are developed to create the right conditions for birds as well as wildlife. Many of the past meadows and bog areal has been restored and is now designated as a scenic nature reserves for the benefit of the many species of birds and joy for us nature !overs.

As a result of these efforts rare birds have already found their way to the isle of Langeland. Here in among the great bittern, marsh harrier, spotted crake, red necked grebe, red-backed shrike and many others. When the wind comes in over the steep cliffs from the southern or eastern directions we are seen birds of prey such as the eurasian sparrow hawk, honey buzzard, kestrels and more rare species such as osprey and red kites.

The isle of Langeland is highly prized by many nature !overs with its beautiful countryside, quiet Janes and coasts with beautiful beaches. Year round the isle of Langeland is worth a visit. In the idyllic castle town of Tranekær in middle on Langeland, we have converted the former vicarage into a lovely Bed and Breakfast adjacent to a protected area with both wild horses, migratory birds and peewits softly whistle.

Here are 4 double bedrooms and a family room for up to 4 people. Here's cozy relationship with pleasant and good breakfast throughout the year to very reasonable prices. This B & B is a non-smoking area.

Prices in 2014 include towels, bed linen a lovely breakfast and internet connection.

Payment: Please only pay in cash.

Kr 400, - per room per night . 1 person
Kr 600, - per room per night . 2 people
Kr 900, - per room per night . 3 people
Kr 1200, - per room per night . 4 people



S. Mohr - Bed & Breakfast